Onboard Software Engineers

As your team grows, new engineer onboarding and keeping all of your software engineers on the same page is critical in developing stable and scalable code.

GainKnowHow helps keep consistent patterns by documenting all of your best practices in developing your software.

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Breaking Complex Tasks Down

README's are a start, but don't convey knowledge as effectively as a well-structured knowledge web in GainKnowHow.com


Learn the basics first

Learning skills in the correct order is critical to mastering complex ideas.

Document Your Knowledge

Putting knowledge into well-defined skills makes it clear what information is needed to do a process.

Keeping everyone on the same page

Your company's knowledge web is a living document. When you change or add a skill the relevant employees get notified of these changes.

Give employees a learning goal

Direct what skills you want your employees to learn by assigning them a skill deep in your knowledge web.

GainKnowHow's Approach

GainKnowHow uses a Knowledge Web of connected skills to represent how your organization runs.

Each skill is both a lesson and living documentation on how a process is done in your organization.

Users first pass a skill, then are notified to skill changes after they passed it. This keeps the relevant stakeholders informed of changes in your organization.

Skill Change Management

Your organization's processes change every day. How do you effectively communicate that with employees?

GainKnowHow.com knows exactly when an employee passed a skill and compares that skill version to the current skill version, showing the employee exactly what changed in a skill.

No company-wide emails about process changes.

See exactly what changed.

Re-qualify for out-of-date skills.


Onboard new Engineers fast

Don't throw unstructured documents at your new Engineers on day one. Learning skills in the correct order is critical to understanding the complexities of your organization.

Engineers are expensive. How much could your organization save by getting them up-to-speed only a day faster? How about a week or a month?

Track employee skill progression

Present skills to new employees in the correct order

Assign the exact skills an employee needs to do their job


Ensure employees understand processes

You can make all the documentation in the world, but how do you know if people really understand it?

In GainKnowHow.com you can optionally add assessment questions or approvals to a skill. Simple skills can be validated with simple questions, such as multiple choice. More complex skills such as database architecture require more open-ended questions that require approval by a knowledgeable colleague.

Ask questions to see if employees understand a topic

Open-ended approvals from designated colleagues


Teach the fundamentals

Teach employees skills in the correct order to maximize comprehension.

Keep everyone on the same page

Changing a process is as simple as updating a skill. The relevant employees get notified of the change.

Ensure employee understanding

Give your employees quizzes to ensure they really understand how your organization runs.

Onboard employees automatically

With your internal documentation used as your onboarding material, you can reduce the overhead of hiring new employees.

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