Employee Onboarding

Getting new employees up-to-speed with company processes and culture is critical to a successful business. Quickly onboarding employees unlocks their potential to add to the company's success.


A roadmap to learn anything in your organization.

No skill is too complex to broken down into easily learnable skills.


Knowledge Web

The Knowledge web shows how each skill relates to each other. It's like an "org-chart" for your skills.


Skill Tracking

See exactly where an employee is in their skill progression. You can easily tell what skills an employee needs to learn to get to the next level.


Change Management

As your organization changes your processes need to change with it. GainKnowHow automatically lets users know when the knowledge web changes or their skill lesson changes.

How GainKnowHow is Different.

Shadowing and onboarding classes are a thing of the past.


Personalized Learning

Every role is different at your organization. Why develop role-specific onboarding programs, when GainKnowHow can give a tailored learning path for every specific role at your organization? GainKnowHow knows how the learning path is different for an Engineer compared to a Support Staff employee.

Learning by prerequisites is critical when teaching people complex skills. You wouldn't take Spanish 102 before you took Spanish 101, why would you teach complex skills without having the learner know the prerequisites? Learning skills with GainKnowHow introduces the basic skills first before building on them with more complex, nuanced skills. This method of skill progression ensures employees truly understand their skills.


Onboarding Flexibility

Today, many organizations onboarding processes involve carving out valuable employees' time to shadow or teach a class of new employees. Some organizations even hire in batches to make sure the new hires attend the intricately organized onboarding program that only happens a couple times a year.

GainKnowHow gives your organization the flexibility to hire when your organization changes. With your organization's knowledge in GainKnowHow, new employees can get up-to-speed on internal company processes without a senior employee teaching them individually.

Change Management

Change Management

As your company changes its processes must change with it. But how do you communicate these changes to the right people? If you change your brand messaging, you don't want to waste an Engineer's time on a messaging they don't interact with.

GainKnowHow makes process change management easy through the Knowledge Web. The Knowledge Web knows how each skill relates to each other and what employees have what skills. This means if you want to add a new skill/process to your organization, the people relevant to that skill/process are notified of the exact change. Department-level emails and process change meetings become a thing of the past. Everyone is on the same page faster and organization cohesion increases.

Learn More About Change Management

Teach the fundamentals

Teach employees skills in the correct order to maximize comprehension.

Keep everyone on the same page

Changing a process is as simple as updating a skill. The relevant employees get notified of the change.

Ensure employee understanding

Give your employees quizzes to ensure they really understand how your organization runs.

Onboard employees automatically

With your internal documentation used as your onboarding material, you can reduce the overhead of hiring new employees.

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