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Change Management

The World is a constantly changing environment. Your organization must be flexible enough to change with it.

With your team using GainKnowHow, changes to your organization's processes are spread throughout your organization effortlessly. GainKnowHow has two mechanisms that keep everyone at your organization on the same page as processes change.

  1. Process Prerequisite Changes
  2. Skill Version History

Process Prerequisite Changes

GainKnowHow's Knowledge Web is a living document. It knows when new skills are added or when skill prerequisites change. Notifications of these changes are given to relevant team members, keeping everyone on the same page.

For example, let's say a new skill called "Marketing Messaging" is created and inserted in the knowledge web as a perquisite to "Marketing Communications". Only users who have the "Marketing Communications" skill are notified of this new prerequisite. They will then be required to pass "Marketing Messaging" in order to keep their existing skills valid.

The original Knowledge Web

A change happens in the organization and a new skill called "Marketing Messaging" is added before "Marketing Communications".

The Knowledge Web with the added prerequisite

Only the employees with skills dependent on the new skill get notified of its creation.

Skill Version History

GainKnowHow knows the exact date when a user learns a skill. This date acts as a reference point to track future changes to the skill.

For example, an employee passes the "Marketing Messaging" skill on February 11th. Knowing this date, GainKnowHow knows exactly what changed to that skill for that specific user. Now on February 12th the skill is edited, changing the messaging that management wants its employees to use while describing their brand. This change is specially called out to only the employees that have passed the "Marketing Messaging" skill.

Management can make changes to how they want their brand described without sending any company-wide emails out or using employee's time in meetings. GainKnowHow decimates the change throughout the organization to the relevant users seamlessly.

The user can see what skills are out of date

Each user sees when a skill they have taken has been changed.

Skill changes relevant to the specific user

Only the changes relevant to the user are called out. The user can then requalify for the most current version of the skill.

Teach the fundamentals

Teach employees skills in the correct order to maximize comprehension.

Keep everyone on the same page

Changing a process is as simple as updating a skill. The relevant employees get notified of the change.

Ensure employee understanding

Give your employees quizzes to ensure they really understand how your organization runs.

Onboard employees automatically

With your internal documentation used as your onboarding material, you can reduce the overhead of hiring new employees.

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