Onboard new employees fast.
Keep employees on the same page.

GainKnowHow is an internal skill training platform.
Its goal is to keep everyone on the same page and onboard new employees seamlessly.

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The faster you can get new hires up to speed, the faster your organization can grow.

Don't throw the whole book at new employees on day one, but incrementally give them the knowledge they need to do their job.


GainKnowHow's Approach

Learn the basics first

Learning skills in the correct order is critical to mastering complex ideas.

Modular knowledge

Putting knowledge into well-defined skills makes it clear what information is needed to do a process.

Keeping everyone on the same page

Your company's knowledge web is a living document. When you change or add a skill the relevant employees get notified of these changes.

Give employees a learning goal

Direct what skills you want your employees to learn by assigning them a skill deep in your knowledge web.

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Preparing employees

GainKnowHow gets new employees up to speed with the knowledge they need to do their job effectively. They learn your organization's skills in the correct order to ensure they understand each topic.

Assign skills.

Track progress.

Formalize knowledge.

Establish dependencies.


Employee Skill Training
Training employees

GainKnowHow gets your employees up to speed on the skills they need to succeed in your organization. The key difference in GainKnowHow is correct skill progression. For example, employees will learn Excel fundamentals before learning how to do specific Excel reports.

Skill prerequisites.

Skill quizzes.

Skill approval.

User skill analytics.


Process Change Management
Informing employees

GainKnowHow knows when each employee passes a skill. When that skill changes the employee is notified of the exact change and then re-qualify for the current version of the skill.

Skill diff viewing.

Skill validation.

Version management.

Targeted notifications.


Employee Skill Tracking

GainKnowHow gives you insights on your workforces' skills through employee skill tracking. Easily, search for an employee with the exact combination of skills. Quickly, see how a new employee is progressing through your organization.

Employee skill search.

Skill tracking.

Skill gap identification.

Visual representation.

Harmonizing your organization

Want to modify a process?
Don't create a meeting.

Instead of spending your employees' time in meetings learning about a process change, just modify your organization's knowledge web.

Employees are automatically notified of relevant skill changes in your organization.

Optionally require employees to re-qualify for major skill changes.


Teach the fundamentals

Teach employees skills in the correct order to maximize comprehension.

Keep everyone on the same page

Changing a process is as simple as updating a skill. The relevant employees get notified of the change.

Ensure employee understanding

Give your employees quizzes to ensure they really understand how your organization runs.

Onboard employees automatically

With your internal documentation used as your onboarding material, you can reduce the overhead of hiring new employees.

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