GainKnowHow VS. Confluence

Confluence is primarily a document store. It's great to share documents, but does not structure them in a way that easily spreads knowledge throughout your organization.

Eddie Anderson

Confluence has been around since 2004 and has been the go-to document store for many organizations. If your organization's documentation strategy is to just make a document and hope other team members find it, Confluence is right for you. GainKnowHow's goal is to spread knowledge throughout an organization, not just store it in a shared location.

"GainKnowHow's goal is to spread knowledge throughout an organization, not just store it in a shared location. "

GainKnowHow Overview

GainKnowHow is a knowledge propagation platform. GainKnowHow's goal is to spread knowledge throughout an organization, keeping everyone on the same page. It stores your organization's internal skills but most importantly keeps track of changes to users' skills over time, intelligently notifying them of these changes. GainKnowHow also ensures users have the context to learn advanced skills by presenting skills to them in the correct order.

Confluence Overview

Confluence's goal is to store documents in a shared location. Confluence's documents are visually appealing and have many different document types and ways to collaborate on them. It integrates well into the Atlassian ecosystem such as project management with Jira.

GainKnowHow Advantages

GainKnowHow takes a different approach in organizing documents/skills than Confluence. GainKnowHow stores documents in a Knowledge Web that reflects how documents are related which allows for many useful features.

  1. Skill Learning Paths:

    Teach skills to your employees in the correct order and with all the needed prerequisites, ensuring comprehension.

  2. Change Management:

    Users get notified of the exact changes to a skill when it gets edited or when a new skill is added to their learning path.

  3. Admin Skill Tracking:

    Admins can see how each user is progressing in the learning paths, making sure employees are learning at the right speed.

  4. Quizzes and Approvals:

    Optionally assign a quiz or get another user's approval to ensure an employee truly understand the skill they are learning.

These features end up creating a platform that ensures employees are on the same page on your organization's documentation.

Confluence Advantages

Confluence is an industry-standard solution for document storing a collaboration. It has a great track record of success in storing documents. It has many integrations into Atlassian's ecosystem which makes some project management processes very easy. Confluence's documents have more visually editing flexibility.

Which document store is right for your organization?

GainKnowHow was created out of the problems that come out of an unstructured document store. Confluence is great at storing and sharing documents, but lacks context to other documents in your organization. You cannot give an advanced company-specific document to a new hire and expect them to really understand the concept because they lack the context with other documents. GainKnowHow provides documents in the correct order to allow new hires to quickly understand complex topics with full context. GainKnowHow also handles document changes better by notifying users to the exact changes to their previously learned documents.