GainKnowHow VS. 360Learning

The key difference between 360Learning and GainKnowHow is that 360Learning specializes in creating online courses. GainKnowHow also creates online courses, but structures your courses in a Knowledge Web that represents how your organization runs.

Eddie Anderson

Picking the right learning platform for your organization is key to avoiding headaches down the road. 360Learning is an e-learning alternative to GainKnowHow. The two overlap in many areas, but GainKnowHow is fundamentally different in how skills are organized, which enables many features that 360Learning lacks.

“360Learning is a good online course editor, but does not organize your skills to represent how your organization runs, when compared to GainKnowHow ”

GainKnowHow Overview

At the core of GainKnowHow is ordered learning. New employees need to understand the basics before learning advanced organization-specific skills. In GainKnowHow you organize skills by prerequisite in a Knowledge Web. Once your skills are in the Knowledge Web you get skill progression and change management features.

360Learning Overview

360Learning is an e-learning platform that specializes in online lessons. There are many ways to take a lesson in 360Learning from live lessons to online lessons.

GainKnowHow Advantages

GainKnowHow is a reflection of how your organization runs. Learning material and internal documentation are one in the same. Changing a process at your organization is as simple as updating the skill in GainKnowHow that reflects the process. GainKnowHow knows what employees the change is relevant to and notifies them of the exact process changes.

New employees learn skills in the correct order to ensure they have full understanding of complex concepts at your organization.

360Learning Advantages

360Learning has more flexibility on how lessons are organized. There are more options to configure how you want your lesson to look. There are more questions that the learner can take to ensure they understand the lesson.

360Learning has live online courses. There are also options for blended learning courses for more learning flexibility.

Software Capabilities

Your e-learning platform is at the core at organizational cohesion. Make sure your e-learning platform has the right tools for its job.

Online Lessons

Online lessons are at the core of any learning system. In order to be successful, the platform must teach employees the topics.

  • Rich lesson editor
  • Emendable video and images
  • Live online lessons
  • Multiple lesson formats
  • Many question formats

Learning Progressions

Learning Progressions make sure each employee takes lessons in the correct order.

  • One knowledge web that contains information on skill prerequisites
  • Adding a new skill in the knowledge web ensures employees relevant to the new skill take it
  • Each lesson can be part of a path
  • No notification of lesson path changes

Learning Analytics

Having insights into how employees are progressing in the skills you assign them is critical to them becoming a successful employee.

  • Visually see employees progression in the Knowledge Web
  • Assign skills with deadlines for employees to complete
  • See what lessons each employee has completed

Change Management

Change Management is the ability to change a skill/lesson and have its changes spread to the relevant employees.

  • Visually see what has changed in skills across different versions
  • Get notified on new skill requirements from edits to the Knowledge Web
  • None

Which e-learning platform is right for your organization?

If you are only looking to create lessons and have your employees take the lessons, 360Learning might meet your needs. However, if you are looking for a platform to run your organization's processes and keep every member on the same page, GainKnowHow is the platform for you. GainKnowHow is a living document that describes how you want your organization run. It is more than an e-learning platform, it takes e-learning to the next level and lets you program your organization through skills.